Air Exports

Direct Service

Speed Power Express Services Limited has access to every major passenger and cargo airline in the world. We never combine your direct freight with that from other shippers, and therefore avoid the delays caused by consolidating. Each shipment moves on its' own airline bill of lading. Typical transit times are 1 to 2 days Airport to Airport.

Consolidation Service

As part of our full range of consolidated airfreight options, we provide a cost-effective 'Door to Door' airfreight service to the four corners of the globe. Routes and services are carefully selected to avoid risky trans-shipment points and to match cost benefits against transit time. We also specialize in supply chain management and 'Just in Time' delivery concepts. Speed Power Express Services Limited offers a regularly scheduled consolidation service with first class carriers and transit times of 3 to 4 days, airport to airport. Transport options include door to airport, airport to airport and airport to door.